For the Marketers

Equipment MARKETER is an entrepreneur who:

  • produces and markets equipment under its own name or trademark,
  • resells equipment under its own name or trademark, manufactured by another entrepreneur, 
  • imports equipment, 
  • markets equipment from the European Union.

The obligations related to marketing equipment in Poland are also borne by entrepreneurs who market equipment solely for their own needs.

ELECTRO – SYSTEM fulfils the Marketer’s obligations under the WEEE Act: 

  • registration in the Waste Database,
  • organizing collection networks and waste equipment processing plants,
  • achieving the required levels of collection and recovery, including recycling,
  • reporting to the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection / Voivodeship Marshal,
  • conducting public educational campaigns.


  • access to the Internet platform to prepare reports on the marketed equipment,
  • free content related assistance in conducting proper waste management in the company,
  • support for marketers of batteries and packaging,
  • real-time information on changes in regulations related to the management of waste equipment,
  • a newsletter which helps to properly and timely fulfil environmental obligations and keep track of changes in legislation.